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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Just under the wire

Yesterday we were taking some pictures of the cats (imagine that) when I noticed a blue line showing up on the LCD screen. I checked, and it wasn't a line from light, and I didn't think it was showing up on the pictures -- until I uploaded them and all of the pictures had a line in the same spot. That was December 23. I pulled out my warranty info and saw that we bought the camera on December 29 last year, so we will just get it in under the one-year warranty.

I couldn't find my receipt, but Sam's actually was able to pull up my account and print a proof of purchase to confirm the purchase date. Here's my naive part: I didn't keep the original receipt because I registered online. Apparently registering online is solely for marketing purposes and does nothing to confirm your purchase for warranty issues. Silly me, I guess, because I've been registering everything I get religiously. I guess I'm just putting myself on mailing lists, and nothing more.

So the camera will be shipped out Friday, and hopefully be returned withing three weeks fully functional again. In the meantime, we're breaking out the old 2.0 megapixel camera for the Christmas pictures. You forget how different the old camera feels in your hand until you pick it back up -- just a little clunkier and heavier. And this used to be the sleek one.

Keep your fingers crossed that this camera thing doesn't become more of an ordeal than it is right now.



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