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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Biggest Loser

Biggest Loser almost lost us last night. Jeni and I have watched this show since season one, and it has always been an amazing adventure as you watch these people transform themselves and change their lives. Despite the competition aspect of the show and the elimination that occurs at the end of every episode, throughout the seasons the house has remained mostly supportive and positive. Until this season, at least, where a triumvirate of players, let by an overly cocky and smarmy Vicky, seemed positioned to steamroll the results of the game with "game play" and "alliances" the likes of Weakest Link, where the players got together with a majority and pretty much determined the outcome of the game before it started. Fortunately, one player (Amy) saw through this and upended the plans. Otherwise I think we would just jump to the end and watch the weigh-ins. This has been the least likeable group the show has put together since the show started. Unfortunately, having a bad guy to root against isn't making the show more fun, but instead is souring the goodness of the show.

And while I'm talking about TV shows, I'm sad about how un-funny Kath & Kim turned out to be, because I really like the cast. Still, as blah as the show is, I'd watch an entire season of Kath & Kim before I watched a second episode of Worst Week (aka Worst Show). Thank goodness for shows like Big Bang Theory, The Office, 30 Rock and Chuck.

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