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Thursday, November 13, 2008

XM shake-up

It looks like XM radio hit the shuffle button yesterday. A lot of our favorite channels appear to have moved, or disappeared, or changed names. I guess this is part of the XM-Sirius merger. When I checked online, I realized that the channels are still there, for the most part, but the names have changed. Just to satisfy myself, I also checked Sirius, and they changed some of their channels, too. But I agree with Doug, I liked the old Lucy, Fred and Ethel names, even if I didn't listen to them often. Not only were the teenagers upset about Flight26 becoming the Pulse, that's a nice change of pace for us too. Hopefully the changes are only in name, and not music selection. We did gain a Jimmy Buffet channel, a Grateful Dead channel, and a Big Hair Band channel, so maybe having to reset some presets will be worth it.



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