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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Frickin' Time Warner

Last night Jeni and I were settling down, finally getting home at a reasonable hour (about 8:15) when Jeni realizes our DVR isn't recording, so we were missing Biggest Loser. After watching an entire season, it stinks to miss part of the show with two shows left. So I tried to set it to record, but it thinks it is recording, even though it isn't. So we missed the beginning, and then got a phone call, and missed the end (OK, my fault there because I had recorded what we could upstairs on the other DVR, but thought we had seen it all downstairs and deleted it, forgetting we had the homecomings still). And of course this is one show NBC only offers their 2-minute recap.

But as frustrating as it that is, Time Warner tried an even more frustrating stunt with our bill. We received a notice saying that our promotional period was ending and our bill would go up $10. Funny thing is, we didn't have a promotional deal. I see this as an attempt to raise our bill without calling it an increase. So we called to see what was up, and they claimed we actually were under a promotional from when we moved into our house two-and-a-half years ago (that would be when they took away our other "promotional" and raised our bill). Well, Jeni handled it, got us under a new "12-month promotion" that actually lowered our bill $2. But how ridiculous. Especially for the people who won't call and are suddenly paying an extra $10 a month for no reason.

OK, enough fussing ... next post will be about our weekend in Cincinnati and include a picture of me in a cowboy hat!



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