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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Getting caught up in the reviews

As I mentioned a few posts ago, Jeni's Palm Pilot (which I had "acquired") died on me. I've been looking at the other Palm Pilots. I don't need one built into a phone, or with WiFi capability. So the Z22 looked like the best bet. I started reading the reviews and catch phrases started to get my attention: "suitable for first-time buyers and technophobes," "low-resolution screen" and "basic." And suddenly, with a bit of concern, I start thinking, "Do I need the next step up?" Then I found a reader review that brought me back to Earth, basically saying "it is what it is ... apparently, it won't walk my dog, either." And I realized I was getting caught up in the "features game" -- we want the best features we can get, and that is sometimes at the expense of function. The dead Palm had the features of the next model up, and you know what, I never used them. I used the basics. I'm not a technophobe or a beginner, but I also don't need to be able to play music and edit Word documents on my Palm. I just need to be able to find your phone number, be reminded of your birthday, and have it turn on when I push the button.

And that's my rambling for the day...



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