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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Nice story

I had a very touching day today. First, one of my long-standing patients came in and his wife lost her battle with cancer. She had pancreatic cancer, and had been a patient a while back. She stopped coming as her cancer worsened and it was hard for her to leave the house, and she had so many other doctor's visits. But her husband continued to come, and we were able to help him out as he dealt with all the stress he was going through. But it's such a hard way to start the day, when you ask, "How're you doing?" "Well, I lost my wife..."

But then I got this nice story from another patient that made me smile. She works with bone marrow donor drives, and there is a local church that has been working real hard to get a donor for one of their pastors. Well, a lady who has leukemia has been involved in the drives and the meetings. She's not a member of the church, but they want her to attend because she's become like a member of the family. She has lost all her hair, and wears a baseball cap, and she declined an invitation to attend church because she said she wouldn't feel right wearing her ball cap in church. So the church members are organizing a ball cap day at the church where everyone is supposed to wear a ball cap to church so she will feel comfortable and welcomed. What an amazing gesture -- it just gives me chills.



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