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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Our trip to Kelly's tuba recital in Cincinnati

Jeni and I went up to Cincinnati, then over the the University of Miami (Ohio), last weekend to see Kelly's senior music recital. It was a very nice weekend and Kelly did an excellent job. It was a treat to see her in her element, and around her peers.

Rob and Kelly
This is Kelly with her friend Rob.

Emily and Kelly
And her friend Emily, who played piano with Kelly during two pieces of the recital.

The family
Doug and Cathy also flew up for the recital so we were able to get a rare picture of most of us (minus Doug and Cathy's kids) actually dressed up and looking presentable.

Snow Dog
It snowed on us Saturday morning. This is Sassy out in the snow in the back yard. The news called for a "light dusting" of snow, but for us Southerners, one to two inches qualifies as more than a dusting. Jeni and I managed to slide through two intersections Saturday morning while running errands (not my fault ... I was driving very carefully, but there was black ice). We were very fortunate because a few minutes later we saw a wreck at one intersection that we slid through.

Cowboy Dean and his tiny, tiny hat
This is Jeni's favorite picture from the weekend. We were hanging some clothes in the closet and we found my old cowboy hat from when I was about seven living in New Orleans (OK, don't ask why I needed a cowboy hat ... it was 1979.) So of course I had to try it on. Fits good, huh?

(Well, it used to fit!)

Work it....
Jeni's second-most favorite picture from the weekend.

Hey lady....where's my turkey???
Sassy has always liked Jeni, but she liked Jeni even more when Jeni was in the kitchen chopping the turkey for the reception. Sassy is 14 now and she's a little slower but still as spunky as ever.

Runway lights during takeoff
Runway lights leaving Charlotte.

Airport lights during takeoff
It wasn't really supposed to be dark when we flew from Charlotte to Columbia, but after a few delays and our layover turning from 90 minutes to five hours, we were able to get these cool pictures. I'm glad Jeni took these. They turned out really cool. She took a bunch of extended exposure shots, but these are two of my favorites.

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