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Monday, June 22, 2009

Don in the hospital

Well, since Jeni's birthday things have been a little wild. Jeni's dad had to have quadruple bypass surgery on Jeni's birthday, so we rushed up to Toledo, Ohio the next day to be there. He was in the ICU for six days, and finally moved into a step-down room today. He had some blood pressure, blood clot and kidney issues that needed to be resolved before he could be moved from the ICU. Chris flew up Wednesday night, so he was with us from Thursday to Saturday night, but he had to fly back home Sunday morning. I drove home Sunday -- 11 hours, most of it on I-77. I looked at a map and saw that I drove all but 17 miles of I-77 in Ohio and 21 miles of I-77 in South Carolina.

Jeni is staying up in Ohio to help with Don. Plans are just day-by-day right now. Please keep Don in your thoughts and prayers as he recovers, and Jeni and Chris too.

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