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Monday, May 04, 2009

Weekend in Atlanta

Jeni and I went to Atlanta this weekend -- I had a continuing ed seminar so I was in class most of the weekend and Jeni got to visit with Nikki and Todd and the kids.

Swinging for the fences
Jeni got to go with Nikki and Todd to Evan's little league game.

Evan covering second base
Baseball really seems to be his thing.

Nikki, Evan and Todd at baseball
Todd is coaching Evan's team this year and Nikki is the Team Mom, keeping the stats.

Cops show up at little league baseball argument
Of course, what would little league be without someone who takes it too seriously, like these guys, who almost got in a brawl when one coach accused the other coaches of cheating by changing their lineup so that their good batters batted for their bad batters. This is seven-year-olds, afterall. So yeah, someone called the Police, and by the end there were about eight Police officers there, including the gang task force car.

Nikki's new bedset
Jeni and Nikki also found a great deal on a new bedroom set for Nikki and Todd's room. Their other stuff was old and Nikki was ready for something new.

Speaking of something new ... we got to meet the new kitten, Hobbes.

Hobbes loves Evan
This is the sweetest cat, and possibly the most patient cat ever. Not only will he tolerate Evan (he loves Evan, actually), but he let's Lizzie try to pick him up and clean him.

Lizzie trying to pick up Hobbes
It looks like Lizzie is trying to eat Hobbes, but she's just trying to pick him up. Poor Hobbes was soaked with Lizzie slobber by the end of the ordeal.

Morgan at the keyboard
Morgan spent the night with friends the first night, which probably worked out better for her since we took over her room. She's definitely a 13-year-old now.

Branden playing music
And Branden is so sweet. He never fussed the whole weekend.

Before we left I got to get my hands dirty and help Todd bring a tree down. You can't really see it here, but since we didn't have any rope I'm using an extension cord to leverage the tree in the right direction.

We always have such a good time when we visit, even on these quick trips. And we're so excited because Nikki said she's definitely coming for the roller derby around Jeni's birthday!

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