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Monday, April 27, 2009

Last comic book post for a while...

...before I over-geek this blog. Back in my comic book buying days I bought issues one and two of Big Numbers, a comic by Alan Moore with art by Bill Sinkiewicz. Well, issue three never came out and it just kind of disappeared. I always wondered what happened to the series. Apparently a different artist took over the project and after doing the art decided not to release it. Well, I found a site where someone actually found photocopies of the third, unreleased issue on eBay, bought them, and with Alan Moore's permission, scanned them in and posted them. It's kind of cool to see the unreleased issue, although it has been so long that I have no idea what the storyline was or anything, only that it was an odd size and that they were going to add a little color each issue until the final issue was full color. Interesting concept. It's unfortunate that the whole thing never came together.

[And I promise something cooler next post ... like roller derby pictures or plants from the yard.]

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