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Monday, August 04, 2008

New Xterra

We had been having a lot of trouble with the VW Passat this past year, and that was so disappointing for us because we really loved that car. It was the smoothest ride and most comfortable car I think I've ever driven. But after replacing the spark plugs and coil, the heater core, the water pump and timing belt, and all four tires, and the air was acting real spotty, and to top things off someone broke in on Wednesday and did no real damage, except for an airbag sensor that was lighting up now ... all in the last 10 months. So Friday, after the tampering with the car, Jeni took it to the mechanic to have the sensor checked and the air looked at. He fixed the sensor, checked the air and told Jeni that it wasn't the A/C, but the computers that were the problem (the VW has four, and they weren't communicating right). So Jeni asked, "You're telling me I should trade my car this weekend?" and he said, simply, "Yes."

So Friday we headed down to the Nissan dealership with every intention of getting either a 2007 used Camry or an Altima. We test drove the Altima, and really liked it, but there was another one on the lot we wanted to look at. So while we were waiting for the salesman to come back with the key, we saw the Xterra and started to look more closely at that instead. We had never really considered an SUV, but the Xterra was just what we needed.

Now, the one we planned on test driving had a handful of features, the middle of the three on the lot, but it was out of gas. So we drove the nicer of the three and loved it. They worked with us to meet the price we were willing to pay, and by dinner time Friday we had a new SUV with a warranty and that will start when we put the key in. Now we don't have to borrow a friend's SUV to go to Home Depot anymore, which we were doing a lot of this year. We even got to use it to haul stuff Saturday helping my boss move some of his fragile items to his new house.

Nissan Xterra
This is our new baby. Big enough for what we need, but not too big either.

(We went from a VW to and Xterra ... so alphabetically, I guess our next car will be a Z.)



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