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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Yard waste trash can

I don't mean to fuss about the trash men because they do a job that I know I wouldn't do, but a few weeks ago, after cutting the grass, I put the clippings in our second, yard waster trash can. We are trying to be better about waste and since moving to our house we had been composting our yard waste in the woods behind our neighbor's house. The problem is the husband and wife have separated, and we were friends with the wife, but acquaintances with the husband. (Example interaction with the husband since separation: Their dog got loose and came to our house. ::Ring doorbell:: "Your dog got loose." ::blink blink:: "Oh" ::blink blink:: "OK" ::rubs head in exasperation:: "Thanks" ::sigh::) So now we don't go over as much to cut through and dump our yard waste, and instead have been putting it in the extra trash can that we have. Which leads me (the long way around) to the problem ... a few weeks ago I put the yard waste trash can out by the curb with the big "Herbie Curbie" and when the trash men dumped the yard waste, they THREW AWAY THE LID! Who throws away the lid to a trash can. Don't you think, "Hmm... this looks like it fits here. Maybe they want it." And with all the rain we've been having, I now have a mosquito breeding ground beside the house. Like I said, doing a job I wouldn't do, but come on!



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