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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Knoxville church shooting

I wanted to write something about the shooting at the Unitarian church in Knoxville, where a man who disagreed with their liberal ideals stepped into the church during a children's program, pulled a shotgun out of a guitar case, and started shooting, but really, whatever I start to type quickly sounds trivial and distant. It's just truly sad.

Lisa called us on Sunday, when she saw the news report, to make sure that this wasn't the church where Doug's kids go. It wasn't, but they know people who attend that church, one couple who decided to sleep in that morning instead of going to church. It is a very tense moment when you call your brother about a shooting in town where the details are vague and you get voice mail (knowing Doug sleeps with his phone).

But this isn't about me, but the sadness that someone had enough hate for another person's opinion that he felt all he could do is kill. (This is where I keep deleting the "what kind of world..." line because it starts to sound trivial. You know what I mean, because you're thinking it too...)

Going to college in Knoxville, Jeni and I drove past that church all the time. So it's close to home, even though that's not home anymore.

It's just sad -- sadder because there's no reason for it.

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