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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

What a whirlwind couple of days

The last few days have been something else. First, on Saturday we helped celebrate Clara Ann's First Birthday. It was a wonderful first birthday party, and everybody enjoyed themselves and were very complimentary. Lisa said it was the best one-year-old birthday party ever, while makes me feel good and happy knowing we were able to help make it a hit.

All hands in
This highlight, of course, was Clara Ann demolishing her cake. The polar opposite of Gracie, who looked utterly offended when Lisa pushed her hand into her cake three years ago, Clara Ann went full force into it.

This duck tastes good
Clara Ann quickly figured out that she could eat the stuff on her hands, and even used the duck decoration as a tool to get the cake to her mouth. This was a little more efficient than the open hand approach she first tried.

Now, the backtrack, on Friday when Tiffany arrived she proclaimed that she wanted to get a tattoo while she was here, so Saturday she spent a fairly sleepless night clicking through websites trying to find the right design for a tattoo. Yesterday, she dropped off some print outs at the tattoo parlor for the artist to work up, and last night this happened...

A work in progress...

The finished product. The sepia tones really show the tattoo at it's best. The redness from the needles blends away and you can really see the detail. It turned out really good.

Then last night we put Tiffany to work. We completed assembling all the new office furniture we picked up at IKEA two weekends ago and, after some measuring and calculating, we got everything mounted and put in place. I'm sure Jeni will post some pictures later. It looks really nice, and we're both happy to be rid of the old Bush desk.

Check out our Flickr page for more pictures of the birthday and the tattoo adventure.


And as a total non sequitur, this Google Map of roadside attractions is really neat...

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