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Friday, February 29, 2008

What we've been up to

Jeni and I have been doing some projects to help Lisa and Brian get ready for Clara Ann's first birthday party. We're very excited about her party. It is a rubber ducky theme, which turned out to be more challenging to find stuff for than you might think. Jeni and I cut out about 120 rubber duckies from yellow construction paper for decorations and Lisa ordered a bunch online so the kids will win rubber ducky prizes.

Clara Ann's invitation
This is the invitation for the party. It turned out really cute. Jeni came up with the idea, and after a few tries we ended up with this one and we're very happy with it.

Clara Ann's gift boxes
These are the treat bags for the party. Jeni made these cool little triangular boxes filled with pastel M&Ms for all the kids, and attached Clara Ann's picture with a thank you note on the back.

Clara Ann's party dress
Lisa and Jeni went to Tickled Pink and Caroline made this dress for Clara Ann. It is monogrammed and reversible.

Party dress, reversed
This is the other side of the dress.

Clara Ann's party hat
And this is Clara Ann's party hat. Gracie had one for her first birthday too, but with everything going on, didn't wear it, although there are some super cute pictures of her in it later.

I know Jeni has had a big time helping Lisa with the party planning. And with Lisa and Brian being far out of town I know it made things easier on them too. It's crunch time now ... just one day away!

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