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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Surreal Friday

Last Friday was such a surreal day at work. The building I work in is raised with parking under the building, and as a car was pulling into the drive it got hit from behind. This tap sent the car careening down the hill that goes to the parking area. The driver, in a panic, looked into the back seat to check on the six-day-old baby in the back seat. As this happened, he must have hit the gas, and veered left, slamming into the building and the mechanical room for the elevator. It was the strangest feeling hearing and feeling the thud of a car striking the building and the people in the building who saw the accident happen screaming and the chaos of fire trucks, ambulances, and police cars. Very bizarre. Thankfully, the people in the car were not seriously injured, but the building took a big hit.

Here's what the building looked like after they came and clean everything up.

I found this one on my computer at work before the cleanup but after the car was removed (wish we'd gotten one with the car in the building and the firetrucks blocking both lanes in front of the building. No matter what kind of doctor you are, it's never a good sign to have EMS in front of your office...)


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