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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Montel and chiropractic

I forgot that Montel Williams suffers from multiple sclerosis, but then I received this link to a YouTube video of him discussing his amazing results after receiving a chiropractic adjustment.

I think this is very cool because I know that chiropractic works, I've (obviously) studied it and seen the results first hand, but it seems to carry so much more weight when a celebrity people trust gets results. I remember when people talked about Emmitt Smith getting adjusted on Dancing with the Stars ... it's nice to get some positive mainstream attention. What I like most about Montel's piece is the fact that his issue goes beyond the headaches and low back pain that chiropractic gets pigeon holed into so often.

And if you thought I'd make a post without a Star Wars reference, think again! Since I'm linking to YouTube, watch "George Lucas In Love" and enjoy a good laugh!

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