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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The list just keeps growing...

We have moments in our lives where we speak without thinking. It could be something insignificant, or you could really put your foot in your mouth. And then there are those things that come out and you think, "When I die, I hope I'm not judged for this."

When Jeni and I first moved to our house it was in the Fall. Now, as you enter our neighborhood, there is a median in the entrance basically creating an in and an out lane. The median is as long as the first house's yard. So we noticed on Mondays all these cars would park at the first house, and once the few spaces in front of the house were filled people would park straight out from the median in a long line of cars down the middle of the road. We figured this was some big Monday Night Football party every week. But then the Spring came around and still all these cars. Couldn't quite figure it out, but that didn't stop us from grumbling about all these people parked right at the entrance of the neighborhood.

Then one day I'm pulling in from work and I see some people parking, older than I imagined, and a diverse group, and then I see it -- they're all carrying Bibles. It's a Bible study! I had been fussing and fussing about these cars thinking it was a party when all along it was a Bible study. When I'm at the Gates of Heaven I'm hoping this isn't brought up. "So, Dean, you really thought they were watching football all that time, huh?"

Well, I topped that today. I don't know if I had too much sleep last night, or not enough, but my brain was off on odd tangents earlier than usual. As I was adjusting a patient this morning I noticed a pendant on her necklace. Now, let me preface this by saying that I've had all kinds of patients, wearing all kinds of jewelry. But I neglected to see the cross also on the necklace, so the pendant that had flipped over bore a striking resemblance to Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster. (Oh, yes, I did...) I asked, "Is that Nessie on your necklace?" (OK, she admitted she has been to Scotland in an attempt to see Nessie...) But no, it was not Nessie. You see, the rose pendant that the Pope had given her happened to flip over and, facing the wrong way, did look like a legendary sea monster, but alas, no, just a gift from the highest ranking religious official of the Catholic church. So, again, at the Pearly Gates, I can hear it now, "Nessie? Really? Oh, Dean, we need to talk."

I think I'm done talking for the day...



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