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Thursday, March 20, 2008

A sad day

I received an email on Tuesday morning saying that a friend of mine, Vickie, had passed away. I worked as Vickie's workstudy for four and half years. She and I spent hours upon hours together while I was going through school. We talked about school, our families, life in general, and would enjoy the gossip that was going around. We had many laughs and some tears. She was a person you could always count on -- in thick and thin.

I am heartbroken for her family -- her husband, Todd; her daughter, Lexie, and her son, Nick; and her granddaughter, Madeline. Vickie was a wonderful mother and wife. Her family was her pride and joy.

I'm embarrassed to say that after we moved to South Carolina I lost touch with Vickie. I'm so saddened by the fact that I let so much time and distance come between us. I have always heard people say that, and you always think that you have the time to make up for lost time. I truly regret that I didn't make the time.

As I close I just want to thank Vickie for her dedication she had to the students she touched, and for everything she did for me personally. Thanks ... and rest in peace.

Here is her obituary.


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