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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Lackluster weekend

As Sunday came and went, Jeni and I found ourselves mourning the end of our football season. The Colts lost to the Chargers in an uncharacteristically sloppy game. We were bummed, let down, deflated. We thought, How could this evening get worse? Then we watched the Golden Globes "Winners Special" on NBC. The Golden Globes is the one awards show we usually get excited about. This year, because of the writer's strike, the show was altered and instead we got Billy Bush and Nancy O'Dell reading the results to us from a podium. It was awful. Painful. And to top it off, no one we wanted to win even won. What a crap way to end your weekend. We later found out we could have watched the actual Golden Globes on CNN, which had to be better than what NBC offered. On the bright side, with no sports to watch for a few months it means we can do more on the weekends again.

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