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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Good start to '08

We got off to a good start to 2008. Tiffany came in and two of her friends joined us, and Tish, Susan and Leona. We had a great time. Then Tennessee beat Wisconsin in the Outback Bowl (nice to win a New Year's Day bowl). We'll miss David Cutcliffe and Erik Ainge and Trooper Taylor as they move on to Duke, the NFL and Oklahoma State, but I'm also excited to see what UT will do next season. We're disappointed for Tiffany because UVA lost, and disappointed for Brian, because Clemson lost, too.

Last year we did not make any "resolutions" but we did decide to give up Coke and most soft drinks. We managed to go the whole year without drinking any Coke, except for one we shared a month or so ago and didn't enjoy as much as I remember. We get so addicted to the Coke (should I clarify -- Coca-Cola, not cocaine) that we knew we had to put it down and be rid of it. But I still love the sound of a two-liter opening, the fizz, the effervescence of the bubbles as they release off the top of the ice ... yes, had to give that up. It's just too yummy, but eventually too unhealthy, too.

This year, we again are making no resolutions, but I am determined to be more active because I know I feel better when I'm active, and am more positive and energetic and up-beat. And that's important.

I hope everyone's new year starts off well, and if you made resolutions, I hope they all work out.



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