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Monday, June 25, 2007

The Time Warner Saga

I'm going to make this brief. Ten and a half weeks ago our cable went out. After 5 house calls and a new line dropped from our house to the tap, and another house call we had cable re-stored with some problems. Another house call and a "temporary" line was dropped between our yard and our neighbor's yard. Fast forward 7 weeks, about 15 phone calls, and a bright orange cable across our whole backyard, a supervisor came out to see why the permanent line has never been put in. (According to them, the work order was never put in....suuurrre.) Two more house calls plus the utilities guy coming out and spraying for the lines again. Another week and a half and this crew finally showed up to bury the line. I was told they would make a 12" x 12" cut in the yard at the fence and at the utility box and it would take about an hour to an hour and half. Well as you can see the 2 holes in our yard turned out to be 4 and they were 4' x 12". The workers also were here for 7 hours. You can see them having lunch under one of our trees and then at the end of the day another crew came over and joined them under the same tree for a drink (some without shirts).

And I'm sad to say that wasn't the end of the cable saga. I was told after the line was buried, that would be "it". Well it wasn't. The temporary line was still out there and I had to call in another work order to have the permanent line connected to the tap/utility box. On Saturday that crew showed up and we were told would be the final "thing". The workers never came to the door to tell us that they were leaving so we couldn't see if our cable was working or to see the work was complete. This is nothing new because almost every worker did this wonderful disappearing act. As you can see by the last picture, the utility box is not completely put together and there are wires hanging out of the bottom. And they killed several plants in the whole process. So one more call.....and now we wait again. I hate Time Warner.



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