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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

...instead of working

I had a little down time yesterday at work and did some poking around The Fabulist! website. I'd been sent to this site before, but never really spent much time there, but I'm glad I did. There are tons of references to new music, including the occasional mp3 to download. You can also listen to the music on the Hype Machine, which is a pretty good variation of music styles. I also poked around some of the t-shirt sites that were advertising on The Fabulist! site. I thought this Rubik's cube shirt was cool, but really liked the Papa Smurf "Big Papa" shirt. Also, you just can't beat a good pirate t-shirt. And these shirts were just visually different (I like the bird dropping the guy into the pocket). Also, if you are enjoying the music, check out a free download of The Majestic Twelve's entire album, Schizophrenology! (They're apparently not fans of the current political scene...)

And that's how I wasted my time yesterday ... instead of working.

(OK ... truth be told, this took about 5-10 minutes, but it beats shuffling insurance paperwork around.)

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