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Monday, June 11, 2007

Our house

The house is really coming together. We've been taking a lot of flower pictures, which we should have up soon since most everything has started to bloom. The rain and hot hot hot Columbia weather has helped some of them bloom. We've got most of what we want in the ground planted. Tracey and Clay had to postpone their trip, with gives us a little more time for some of the projects that we want completed before their visit. We did manage to get a fresh (and refreshing) coat of paint on the office walls, so we can move the computer in there (unfortunately no cable jack for TV, so we'll have to get that rectified soon) and then we can unpack a lot of the books that have been sitting in boxes for about nine months. That'll leave two rooms and a hallway to be painted (and maybe a new color in the hall bathroom upstairs -- an early effort that now doesn't work as well). It's definitely looking like our house now, without a doubt. And as one project comes off the list, there's always something that can be added just to make things nicer -- and that's the joy of home ownership.



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