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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Vegetable garden

Jeni and I planted a vegetable garden a few weeks ago. We bought a raised bed kit from Sam's. I have very little faith in the soil in our yard, mainly clay and sand, so I think the raised bed is a good way to go. When we mixed the soil we added in some compost from our compost bin. Well, the other day when I went out to check on the tomatoes, and squash, and jalapeno peppers (and the random eggplant we accidentally picked up), I noticed that there were all these little sprouts all over the bed. At first I though we had weeds galore. But apparently something from the compost is now in an ideal environment to grow and is taking advantage of it. I don't want whatever it is to overwhelm the plants we intentionally placed, but I'm also intensely curious to see what is growing. I think I'll let some grow that are away from the other plants, just to see what comes of it.



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