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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Trying to get (Wii) fit again

Back in the spring Jeni and I were very good with exercise and we both could really tell. With the demands of the summer and the play, we really fell off the wagon -- Coke, late take-out meals, no exercise at all.

Well, last night I got back on the Wii Fit for about 20 minutes. I had recently eaten dinner followed by some Bruester's Ice Cream (really healthy dinner, but still not fully back on the wagon), so I wasn't surprised that my weight was higher than I had hoped. Back in August I had hopes of being in the 180s by my birthday. 189.9 would have been great. Well, I'm not there because I did nothing to get me there. I'm actually inching the wrong way. So I reset my Wii Fit goal to be 189 by the end of October. It's do-able, especially because last night was a false high. If I weigh today it will be down and make me look good.

I did some serious be-at-the-gym-at-5-am exercising back in 2002 with my friend Matt when we were still in Iowa. I really liked how that felt (getting fit, not the 5 am). But this is the first time that I've ever felt like I needed to watch the scale. I feel for the other scale watchers out there -- it's not fun at all.

So hopefully I'll have a good update after I weigh in tonight. We're going to a preview house of a play at USC tonight, but I'll try to at least weigh in just to be sure that last night was a false high.

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