serendipitous reflections

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Exercise update

Jeni and I have been trying to exercise more recently. Back in the last Summer and early Fall I was trying to do the Couch to 5K program, which I really enjoyed. But the treadmill started to get a little gimpy on me and needed some maintenance and the getting up at 5:40 in the morning to jog before work was wearing me down and making me unpleasant to be around. So I slacked off. But then Jeni wanted to start walking, and we got the Nike+ to go with her iPod, which was a really good motivational tool for us. And recently, we got the Wii Fit Plus, which has helped even more. It really is amazing what that Wii Fit can do for you. Back in January/February, I measured my gut as part of a motivational tool. I've lost an inch (from 38 to 37) since then. I wish I had marked the date, but I really didn't expect to follow up on it too much. I'm especially proud of Jeni, who is working really hard and seeing the results. The last two weeks have been pretty hectic, which means worse food and less exercise, but I think we'll get back on track this weekend.