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Monday, June 29, 2009

It blooms!

Three years ago, we yanked out all the nondescript, random plants the builder had put in front of our house, and we replaced them with flowering, lively plants. Two of those plants are crinum lilies. And for the past three years they have grown huge in the front flower beds, but have not bloomed. This year we bought another one from a plant sale. This one I presume is older than ours, and it is blooming. This gives me hope that the others will bloom one day. The crapper of it all is that Jeni is up in Ohio with her dad (where she should be, doing what she should be doing) and is missing the blooms. So I took pictures...

Bunches of blooms to come
Look at all these blooms ready to burst.

Crinum lily finally blooms

Crinum lily blooms
It really is a dramatic flower. I'm hoping it will still be blooming when Jeni gets home. If not, at least there's something to look forward to next year.



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