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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Week in Review

We've been real busy with so many things going on lately. The blog should be a chronicle of what's happening in our lives, but somehow our lives got so busy that the blog got left behind. This last week has been full and exciting.

Last Friday was opening night for Caroline or Change at Workshop Theatre. Jeni is the co-producer of the play, as well as doing props and stepping in to help stage manage when necessary.

The girls
Here's a shot from after opening night of Jeni with Caroline (the musical director) and Jocelyn (the director) Jocelyn (the lead, Caroline), LaToya (the radio), Jeni, and Anna (grandma). We have more pictures from the show, and afterward, on Flickr. The show has been a fun experience for Jeni, but very exhausting and time-consuming, too. Jeni may have to step in and help stage manage this weekend, which may interrupt our plans to visit with Lisa for her birthday.

On Tuesday, I donated some blood -- seven vials, to be exact -- for genetic testing. Back in 1998 Jeni and I registered with the National Bone Marrow Program as possible donors. There was someone in Davenport who was in need. We weren't a match -- didn't really expect to be, honestly. But then last week, 11 years later, we got a phone call. Apparently, I might be a match for a five-year-old boy. So they're doing some more specific testing of certain genetic markers (there's a pdf here, if you are really curious). So I guess it's wait and see time, now. It's pretty humbling to get a call like that.

Last night, Jeni, Tiff and I went to see Coraline while it is still in 3D. I really wanted to see it in the theatre to experience the "Real3D" effect. It was pretty cool. I was really impressed with the movie. I'm glad the Jonas Brothers Movie tanked so we got a second chance to see Coraline (since there are only so many 3D screens to go around ... Monsters vs Aliens takes over tomorrow). If you go see Coraline tonight (and you should) sit through to the very end of the credits for the best 3D effect of the whole movie. I think at that point they were just showing off.

Dean with buttons coraline
Here I am with buttons for eyes ... I always felt this picture of me was a little creepy before the buttons, but the buttons sure make a difference. You can trade your eyes for buttons, too, here.

So I guess this was a Caroline/Coraline themed week.

I'm going to try to keep the updates more regular. I still owe a post about Gracie and Clara Ann's birthday party, too.

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