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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Roller derby and bowling

This is a post that should have been made before now because the night was so great, but wasn't written because this has been a busy week. (Jeni is co-producing a play at Workshop Theatre which is keeping her running around with her hair on fire right now, so while she's in a meeting I'll try to get this up.)

Last Saturday Jeni and I, along with Lisa, Brian, their friend Breck, Tiff and her friend Kirby, all went to the roller derby and then bowling. Back in early January I found out we had a roller derby team and instantly we knew we had to go. This is by far the best $10 we have spent in a long long time. The whole night was just way too much fun. Honestly, I think we did as much people watching as derby watching, but by the end of the night we had scoring and strategy mostly figured out.

Pre-Bout picture
Here we are before the night began in our semi-matching t-shirts. We were expecting more of a rock crowd and less of a punk crowd.

The happy couple
As an added bonus to the roller derby, there was a wedding before the bout.

Mel Anoma
All the team members had personas with fun names, like Mel Anoma, seen here coming out of the penalty box. There was a lot of penalty box time.

Shiv Tyler says "Get Some"
This was one of my favorite pictures, featuring Shiv Tyler and her "Get Some" pants, again coming out of the penalty box.

Breck and Crystal Cutt
Afterward, Breck went around and got autographs and pictures with the QuadSquad rollergirls. Crystal Cutt was his favorite, and with much right because she kicked butt.

Post Bout picture
Here we are after the bout, looking even happier than before. This picture was taken by a girl who, unfortunately, did not wash her hands before leaving the bathroom. Jeni was really asking the girl beside her, who did wash her hands, to take the picture, but the other one offered faster. (We wiped the camera off real good.)

Talking to Nikki...wishing she was with us!!
After the roller derby bout we went bowling. Don't ask me why sitting on the floor at the bowling alley seemed like a good idea. This is the group picture including Nikki, who was out with Morgan and a limo full of 13-year-olds and couldn't be here in person.

Jeni and Lisa
As the night went on they black lights came on at the bowling alley.

Quad Squad doo rag
Jeni wore Tiff's QuadSquad bandana as a doo rag until someone asked her what gang she was in and Jeni decided it was best to take it off. (We were leaving at that point anyway.)

We have a whole set on Flickr of the best of our roller derby pictures, so check them out. We'll be doing it again in March, except that it'll be on a Sunday so probably less of a big night. But it was just too much fun. We really can't stop talking about it.

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