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Monday, January 19, 2009

No more Birds on a Wire

One of our favorite local restaurants -- Birds on a Wire -- has closed. This is very disappointing. It's where my boss took me my first day of work, and one of the standard places we go when company is in town (translation: Tiffany). It was two blocks from my work, and they had great barbecue chicken, chicken salads, and sweet potatoes. But the highlight of going to Birds was the pimento cheese raw fries, which were slightly fried potato chips with melted pimento cheese on top (if you're not from the South, this might not sound good, but trust me on this). And if it weren't for Birds, Jeni might not have been converted to a grits eater, which means no shrimp and grits -- and that would be a sad day, indeed. So goodbye, Birds on a Wire. Lunch will not be the same.

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