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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Home improvement projects

We have tried to do a few projects the last two weekends. Jeni has been wanting a ceiling fan in the kitchen since we moved in. I recently overcame my fear of electricity and decided to tackle this project.

Kitchen light, before
This was the light before. It was a good light source, but ugly, hodge-podge, and not a fan.

Kitchen light, after
This is the new fan installed. We love the fan. It puts off a great amount of wind, has a remote, and really looks nice in the kitchen. The problem is that the light is dim. It should be enough light, but I think the globe dampens the light too much for it to be functional in the kitchen. So pretty soon we'll be picking out a second fan, moving this one to another room, and installing a new one in the kitchen. Practice makes perfect, right?

Then we started to clean out the closet in the guest bedroom to make room for Tiffany to come and stay with us. This closet had become a small catch-all for winter jackets that we no longer wear, and other miscellany. So to make room for this stuff elsewhere, we had to install a new shelf in the extra storage space by the washer and dryer. So while we were putting shelves up, we also decided to take care of the office closet too (it really is just a cascade once you start a project).

Office closet, before
This was the closet emptied out. I hesitate to call this a true "before" shot since it is empty. The office floor was covered with stuff. It is truly amazing to see how much you can fit in a closet.

Office closet, after
This is the "after" closet with the new shelves up. Eventually Jeni wants a closet almost full of silver IKEA boxes, clean and organized. She painted the inside of the closet with some leftover paint to give it a clean look, which is so much nicer than a flat off-white closet. Of course, there is more in this closet now, but tons better than before.



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