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Thursday, March 27, 2008

A few new things around the house

A couple of weeks ago Dean and went to Atlanta to visit with the Kings. In addition to having a wonderful weekend with wonderful friends, we went to IKEA. Here are a couple things we bought for the house.

We knew we wanted bookcases along the whole wall in the parlor. We looked and looked and finally decided on these. So with the help of Tiffany and her mom's SUV, we bought these bookcases. They are exactly what we wanted for this room. On Sunday we unpacked 9 boxes of books and a box of vases. When we decide on getting a new TV and media center, then we will move in the other books from the family room shelves.On to the office..... We knew we wanted a new desk but couldn't find one we liked, let alone loved. When I received the Ikea catalog in the mail I immediately fell in love with this desk. After we had made a decision on the desk, the rest just fell in place. We bought the cabinets and the shelves below the cabinets. We also have a wire to hang pictures on below the shelves. As you can see Jasper loves the new big desk. The last thing we need for this room is some kind of window treatment. I have been looking for fabrics but without much luck.
The final project - the guest room cornice. When Tiffany was here we went fabric shopping for the office window treatment. Instead we found fabric for the guest room. We found this really cute stripped fabric on sale....like 75% off. I couldn't pass it up. I bought enough that if we goofed up making the cornice we would have enough for Sharon to make something else. Luckily we didn't goof up. I think it turned out pretty well for our first attempt.
Here's a close up of the fabric.

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