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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Angel Trumpet - Brugmansia 'Dr. Seuss'

Remember way back in the spring, when Dean and I gutted the yard and planted about 400 plants.... Well the one plant I was most excited about finally bloomed. Brugmansia 'Dr.Seuss' This plant stands about 7' tall and its blooms are about 12" long. They are absolutely beautiful. When we took this picture there were about 8 blooms on it. Over the next couple of days Dr. Seuss kept blooming and blooming. We ended up with about 25 blooms. I was really disappointed because I thought it was not going to bloom due to being replanted - to tell you the truth, I had actually given up on it blooming. What a nice surprise!

With this late bloomer, it has already gotten me excited about next spring to see what some of the flowers do that got planted after their blooming period.

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