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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Net Neutrality

I saw this anti-Net Neutrality ad this morning while getting dressed and it just leaves me shaking my head. I don't understand how anything that is "neutral" is bad, as opposed to something that goes through a gatekeeper. Without Net Neutrality, AOL/Time Warner can create their own video sharing and block You Tube, or decide MySpace is cool enough to copy and block your access to MySpace. Or Bellsouth can make going to their sites faster, and coming to my blog like accessing dial-up. Sites like Amazon and eBay will start having to pay internet service providers to allow quality access to their sites, much in the was one cable provider has some channels and another doesn't. Will you have to buy upper tier internet to access all of ESPN.com?

What also amazes me is the way this ad resembles a campaign ad full of unsupported claims. I thought we were free of these junk ads until the 2008 campaign.

John Hodgman ("I'm a PC") does a great job of explaining Net Neutrality on this Daily Show clip. While it is satirical and funny, it is also accurate.

OK... my venting is done. Thanks for listening...


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