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Thursday, November 16, 2006


I don't know why I started writing posts about work ... maybe because that's where I feel like I'm spending all my time. We've been making some changes in the office and we've been busy, which is good because patients=paycheck, but other stuff just keeps piling up. You end up feeling like you're walking on a fast treadmill -- time is passing but you're not covering any ground.

At home, we painted our living room. I'll try to get a good picture up soon. The color was so hard to pick (out first choice ended up looking like baby poop on the wall...) but it looks so good in there now. I'm definitely ready for the weekend so we can get some things done. We have the entire season of all three Law & Orders taped and unwatched, plus about four episodes of Nip/Tuck, Home Makeover, Gray's Anatomy, and Desperate Housewives just waiting for me on the DV-R ... a blessing and a curse.

The thing is, there are some things, like TV and McDonald's and Coke, that you know you should have a lot less of, but you want (and sometimes crave) a lot more of. I really wanted to take Monday off this week and just sit around watching TV, but then there's this work thing, and people who expect money ... so I sit at my desk between patients and ramble on this blog, because I just don't want to do the reports that are staring at me right now.

But the whole point of this was -- watch for pictures of the newly painted living room.


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