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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Juggle saver found

This was a happy day for me. The juggle bug has bitten me lately and during a break at work, I decided to do a search for Brian Apps and Juggle Saver. For those who aren't jugglers, Brian Apps designed one of the best juggling simulators/screen savers around. The graphics are done incredibly well, and you can even customize the patterns. A little history on this screen saver, though. I had downloaded it about eight or nine years ago, but back then you had to purchase a registration. Well, I didn't purchase it, and Brian Apps dropped off the face of the internet. When I would search for the screen saver, I always found this limited version. Well I don't know what was different today, but I found his current personal website, a newer, unlimited version of the screen saver, and a few other goodies, too. And while I still don't understand siteswap notation for creating your own patterns, I have the screen saver again. And that is exciting.

[BTW ... after posting this, I picked up my Dube juggling bags that I've had since 1992 and juggled five for the first time in a long time. Managed a solid 28 catches. Then tried to juggle four and couldn't make my fourth catch! Ugh.]


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