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Saturday, December 04, 2004

Sorry Everybody

I stumbled across a blog on Blog Explosion that had posted their photo from Sorry Everybody, and then Doug mentioned it again and brought it back to mind. It is a very funny website (well, funny for liberals ... I started to say Democrats, but then I thought of Zell "What the hell?" Miller). Doug also linked to Europe's response site, and to be fair, the not-so-funny angry Right.

One of the girls I work with is a USC senior and she was telling me about a condition called Post Election Syndrome. Her instructor addressed it like it was a serious, diagnosed and medicated condition. While I may have been able to related to the feeling of non-inclusion following my failed attempt to be heard following the election, I'm hoping it was a joke. With November passed, I have grown numb to the W'04 stickers for the most part, but I still grow a little angry when I pass the billboard congratulating the Republican Senator who said homosexuals and unmarried mothers should not be teaching our children. To his credit, his assinine comment made the Daily Show, with Jon Stewart commenting: "Well, there goes the school play."

Now I'm trying not to be angry, but the Republicans sure are sore winners and make it difficult to smile and move on.


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