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Sunday, November 28, 2004

9 Years?? Get out of town

Happy Anniversary!! (11-25)

Honestly I can't believe Dean and I have been married for nine years. Time flies by so fast. Dean and I met in college and were "just friends" for a year, and as fate would have it we fell in love. It didn't happen instantly, but it is a lifelong love. I get to share everyday - good or bad, happy or sad- with my best friend. Who would believe two people would fall in love playing gin, eating Papa John's (student's special - $9.99), and making midnight trips to Kentucky to play the lottery. It sounds corny, but it's very true.

We are still each others best friends and it has been an amazing ride. Some people were betting against us, but that's ok because in the end we know we were meant to be together.


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