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Saturday, December 04, 2004

Childhood entertainment

As I get older, I am now realizing the tricks our parents played on us. I remember being about six years old and my brother and I were sent outside with a box, a stick, a string and some peanuts and were told how to rig a squirrel trap. Then we were set out to catch a squirrel. We tied the string to the stick, propped the box up on the stick, laid out the peanuts and waited. I have no idea how long we patiently waited (and it had to patient waiting because otherwise you'd scare off the squirrel), but sure enough, a squirrel found the peanuts. But I didn't catch him because his tail was sticking out and I was afraid I would hurt his tail. My dad later explained to me that he would have pulled his tail in.

But what a brilliant plan on our parents' part ... sit quietly outside and wait with this string in your hand. Quiet sitting, on a leash, for a long time, outside. Brilliant!


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