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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

McDonald's letdown

I know it's a shocker, but we went to McDonald's and were very disappointed by our food. We were coming back from Boo at the Zoo with Gracie and Clara Ann and they were starving so a Happy Meal seemed to be the perfect fix. They enjoyed a portion of their Happy Meals, but our food was less than good. Here's the message I sent to McDonald's through their website. (I figured there's no point in contacting the store...)

I drove through this McDonald's with my wife and our god daughters following Boo at the Zoo. They wanted a McNugget Happy Meal, so I decided to get some McNuggets too and my wife ordered a cheeseburger with no onions, add extra pickles. The Happy Meals were passable for the girl (they're 6 and 3, they don't know better), but I did not get the sauce I requested, so my McNuggets were dry, flavorless and barely edible. My wife's cheeseburger was loaded with onions, the cheese was half-off the burger and there were no pickles. The fries were cold and limp -- appearing uncooked -- so we didn't eat those. I did at least notice that we had no straws before leaving the parking lot, so I ran in and got us straws. Sadly, the only acceptable part of our "value" meal was the drink, which I could get anywhere. It's less a matter of the quality of the food, than the quality of the encounter. Clearly the customer's satisfaction is not a factor when so many requests go unaddressed. The onions were scraped off, so my wife could eat the burger. I choked down a few of the McNuggets without sauce before feeding the rest to the dog (he did like them, by the way). But the fries went straight to the trash. Overall, this simply reminded me why I don't crave McDonald's anymore. I guess I should just stick to the McD's Sweet Tea and get my food elsewhere.



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