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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Long-overdue post

I've been a little lax lately about making some posts. Maybe I focus more on the cat's blog because, well, honestly, it's more fun, we get more visitors and more comments -- plus, come on, they're cats and demand the attention. But I feel I owe my life a post or two, too.

Jeni is still up in Bluefield with Lisa and Brian, helping out with the girls while Lisa deals with her family and the loss of her uncle CD to cancer. We actually saw snow on Sunday in Bluefield, which is crazy to have snow on April 13. Jeni said it continue after I left, and that Monday there was visible accumulation on the top of the mountain. It was nice to go back to Bluefield and have a hot dog from Dairy Queen done right, with the sides of the buns cut and toasted. It just tastes better. And we also went to Trey King, the local Chinese restaurant. Some of the comforts of home. Still, it's odd to drive past Jeni's old house and see the old pine trees cut down. But Bluefield, despite the growth and changes, is always going to remain Bluefield, and that is equally sad and comforting.

I think I would starve, or sustain on cereal, if I was single. It's not that I can't cook, but that I lose my appetite when I'm home alone. I guess I'm spoiled by having Jeni, who loves to cook, and does it so well.

You know, people on the internet can be so nice, and caring. Today is Jasper's birthday. He's six today. I uploaded a bunch of old kitten pictures of Jasper to Flickr that Jeni had scanned in, and I got a very concerned email from one of our contacts who noticed that I posted all these kitten pictures of Jasper. She was concerned that maybe he was in ill health. And that is so cool, and touching, and makes me appreciate the effort we put into posting pictures and cultivating some of these online relationships, because there are good people out there.

I wandered over to the Fabulist, which is one of my favorite websites to kill time on, because they always manage to direct me somewhere else interesting. And now, I am going to send you somewhere interesting too... (right after I change songs...)

I claim no originality in finding these links, they all came from the Fabulist, but they are cool, so check them out. First, at The Plug, Jay left a disposable camera tied to a bench, with a note asking for people to take pictures with it, and that he would return that night. And he posted the pictures. (Pictures are from Virginia Highlands in Atlanta) Also at The Plug is the certificate of "The Best I've Seen All Day" which is just nice, really, to see people pleased for being acknowledged, and a very funny story about how he tried to use a message in a bottle to decide if he should continue with The Plug, or to give it up.

And then there was the link to the inflatable mattress that looks like a slice of toast, just because.

Or the Black Cab Sessions, concerts performed in the back of London taxis. I guess this is the evolution of Cash Cab.

OK, maybe that will make up for the lack of posts by me. Maybe I'll surprise you and post again tomorrow. (This rambling is what you get when Jeni goes out of town and I have a whole lunch hour to listen to TMBG and type.)

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