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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I won on Blingo

OK, this is just too ironic. Jeni and I have been using Blingo for our searches for about two years, I would say. In that time, we have won probably four movie tickets, which is a nice perk for searching the internet. In that time, Blingo had been using Google to retrieve its search results. So in recent Blingo history they have been bought by Publisher's Clearing House and also switched away from Google and to Yahoo, MSN Live and Ask. The problem is that the results from those searches are very disorganized and less functional than the results from just Google. So I got tired of this and decided to drop them an email saying, essentially, that I hope they are working to clean up their search results. And then, Thursday afternoon at lunch, I did a search (actually mistyped the word) and won! So I went with another movie ticket, bring our current total of movie tickets waiting for a movie worth seeing to four.
Want to try to win with Blingo, too? Sign up under me, and if you win, I win too!



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