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Sunday, May 08, 2005

This push pin makes cents...

My boss got me new office furniture a few weeks ago and put cork boards with picture frames inside them over my desk. I have chosen a few photos to take in, but am being wishy-washy on those.

The cork boards came with these awful plastic push pins that are so not professional or classy looking. In an effort to jazz up the cork boards some, we hunted around for push pins. We used to be able to find these cool sets of pewter push pins when we lived in Iowa, but are not having any luck in Columbia. So instead, we decided to make some. Jeni and I went to an antique store hoping to find some old round type writer keys to make into push pins. We didn't find anything along those lines, but decided to use old type-setting blocks instead. Above is my first attempt ... I used an old "cents" symbol and hammered in an 18x3/4" brad about halfway. Then I pulled the brad out and reversed it and tapped it back into place and helped secure it with some silicone sealer we had. The brads appear to be pretty secure and the two brads will keep the block from swinging and hold papers more securely. Posted by Hello


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