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Monday, May 02, 2005

Geeked out

Several weeks ago we were at Target, and saw these Star Wars M&Ms. So we bought all three packs. I had to talk Dean into eating them, and not sending them home to his parent's house where all of his other Star Wars stuff is stored minus his Storm Trooper helmet. (Those of you who were at our engagement/my 21st birthday party, remember Lisa wearing the helmet.) I'm just kidding about sending them to his parents, but at first he was like "these could be collectibles." Then I said "Look around. Our boy George Lucas is selling this to anyone who will put it on their box."
That sort of stopped that. I do like the Darth Tator, but I would have called it Vadar Tator (which makes me laugh outloud).

But anyway, when we were at the movie yesterday, there was a trailer for Star Wars Episode 3. I looked at Dean after the trailer and said "I know how geeked you are about this movie." But what was funny was he was saying at the same time "I'm so geeked right now."

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