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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Offhanded comments

You know when sometimes you make an offhanded comment, and it comes back to bite you in the ass. Well I did that. Remember the dinner we had for Dean's boss a couple of weeks ago. I made a comment to Bill that we should have a dinner for the staff to show our appreciation for all they do. I said I would do the most of the cooking if they wanted to pay for the food. We kinda through out some dates like the third weekend of may or first weekend of June, before it got to hot to do it outside. While I was gone to Mississippi, they decided we needed to do it this weekend. So while I was traveling on Monday, Barbara was frantically calling me to plan this. Mind you, Dean already said I would do it, but when it was brought to him, they said two other women would be helping me cook. It turns out that I will be doing everything, but one appetizer and one dessert. Really it's ok because I enjoy cooking for a crowd, but I wish I would have had more than two days to prepare. I like to put thought into who I'm cooking for and what I'm making.

It's just going to be a cookout. Here's the menu...nothing too exciting.
Cheese and sausage dip (Office manager is making it)
Layered taco dip
Hamburgers (I'm going to saute mushrooms and top with swiss cheese; and all the rest of the normal toppings)
Mustard potato salad
Pickled mostaccioli (it's a zesty pasta salad)
Baked beans
Corn on the cob
Lemon Pie (Barbara is making it.)
Not your mama's banana pudding

Barbara is also making sangria. It's pretty darn good. We had it the time we went to their house for dinner.

So wish me luck that my refrigerator can hold food for 30-35 people.


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