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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Jump little chicken!

Years ago Jeni and I were on a road trip, and as we drove down the interstate we passed a flatbed 18-wheeler stacked high with cages full of chickens. Yes, I eat meat, but it still made me a little sad knowing the fate of all those chickens as they clucked and lost feathers on their way down the road.

But then, as we pulled alongside the truck we saw this lone chicken standing free between two of the cages. We both cheered for her to jump. She most likely stayed with her flock, but I hope that she did escape when the truck slowed down. Sure, she might only make it one day on her own, but that would be her day to live on her terms, and what more could you ask for.

Some days I think we are all that chicken, torn between staying with what we know and an unpleasant fate, or going out into the unknown.

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