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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Back to the gym tomorrow

This past weekend was a little nuts ... we had Tiffany's birthday and Jeni had a grant she was trying to finish for the theatre. We were supposed to go to opening night of Jocelyn's show, but it all just got to be too much. So we were able to get the house cleaned up and lots of amazing desserts prepared (I cleaned, Jeni cooked -- it's just best that way). The party was a lot of fun. Just nice to get everyone together, although we did get in trouble with Gracie for having an adults party and not a party she could come to. We're making that up with a visit soon. Can't have the six-year-old mad at you.

Jeni completed the grant last night after the board meeting. What did you do on Valentine's Day? Board meeting and grant writing, of course. (Just kidding, VD has never been a biggie for us anyway.) We did go to the Cock and Bull afterward for dinner and the second half of trivia -- made a decent effort considering we only played the second half.

But because of all this we haven't been to the gym in the past few days. I'm not really sure we'll make it tonight. I have my new patient workshop which throws off my evening. But we're definitely getting back at it on Wednesday. I've really enjoyed going to the gym. And although my weight is fluctuating back and forth around where I really don't want it to be, I feel better overall when I go. I've set a goal on the Wii Fit, and basically I have to lose three pounds a week to reach it. This is my third or fourth goal I've set on the Wii Fit since we started on it and I have yet to reach a goal. Actually, I've gone in the wrong direction for the most part. But I'm confident that I'll get this one.

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