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Thursday, February 03, 2011

At the gym on Wednesday

So we made it back to the gym yesterday after a few days away. I was a little slowed by some nagging sinus congestion, which takes some fun out of it (well, takes some fun out of everything). But we made it. We got there around 7:30 p.m. and it was so vacant that we had access to pretty much whatever we wanted, which is good to remember. Really, it's never happened that there was equipment we couldn't use because of the crowd, but it's also nice to know when the quietest time is. Yesterday Jeni and I walked the track for two miles. It was a good little walk, and longer than I've done since we started. Walking the track is very different for me from walking on the treadmill. I have a harder time with it, mainly, I think, because I have to pace myself instead of the equipment pacing me. But I like walking with Jeni. We use her Nike+ with her iPod and it keeps us on pace pretty good. After we finished walking we hit the weight room for a little bit, doing mostly upper body. This weekend will be a miss for me because I have a continuing ed seminar all weekend, sunrise to sunset, which just stinks, but needs to be done. So back at it Monday for me.



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