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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Best comment of the Olympics

Jeni has been very dedicated to watching the Olympics. We've had the DVR churning, catching the great stories and amazing triumphant, which is really what the Olympics is all about. But we've also enjoyed some of the commentary from Bob Costas and Jim Lampley as they got punchy with exhaustion, sometimes saying some of the funniest, driest things throughout the last two weeks. Until today, my favorite comment was from Jim Lampley, coming back from commercial break where the Goodyear blimp jumped the hurdles in a graphic across the screen, he said, "that blimp's too cool for school." And that stood for almost a week and a half until today, when Jim Lampley again was reporting, this time on the Cuban Taekwondo player who, after being disqualified in the bronze-medal match, turned and kicked the referee in the head. Jim Lampley went on to explain that he had been banned for life, and said, "Afterall, the first rule of Taekwondo is you don't kick the referee in the head."



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